Poster depicting Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh
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Alternative titles
北斗の拳 ラオウ外伝 天の覇王
English: Legends of the Dark King: A Fist of the North Star Story
2008-10-03 to 2008-12-26

In the wastelands following the great nuclear war, a legend grew of a man. “Hokuto No Ken.” The Fist of the North Star. Master of a legendary fighting technique. A man of impossible strength and endurance. Yet before Ken claimed the title of the Fist, there was another master, trained in the art of Hokuto Shinken, the King of the Fist, the Divine Fist of Heaven. Raoh: the ultimate assassin, the ultimate warrior. This is the story of the world before Fist of the North Star, and how one man took the future of a savage world into his deadly hands and reshaped its destiny. Not as a hero but as a conqueror. For in the mind of the man called Raoh, the only way to save Mankind is to grind it under his giant heel! The greatest battle is about to begin in Legends of the Dark King ~ Fist of the North Star! (Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Raoh main Andrew Love English
Raoh main Takashi Ukaji Japanese
Reina main Mai Nakahara Japanese
Reina main Emily Neves English
Reina main Julie André French
Souga main Masaya Matsukaze Japanese
Souga main David Matranga English
Sakuya main Shelley Calene-Black English
Sakuya main Akiko Kimura Japanese
Sakuya main Isabelle Volpe French
Souther supporting Toshihiko Seki Japanese
Souther supporting Illich Guardiola English
Souther supporting Bruno Moury French
Toki supporting Hiroki Touchi Japanese
Toki supporting David Wald English
Toki supporting Renaud Heine French
Juuza supporting Keiji Fujiwara Japanese
Juuza supporting Mark Laskowski English
Juuza supporting Christophe Seugnet French
Yuda supporting Kishou Taniyama Japanese
Yuda supporting Blake Shepard English
Yuda supporting François Creton French
Uighur supporting Kenta Miyake Japanese
Uighur supporting Rob Mungle English
Ryuga supporting John Swasey English
Ryuga supporting Daisuke Matsubara Japanese
Ryurou supporting Junichi Suwabe Japanese
Ryurou supporting Kalob Martinez English
Isabella supporting Maggie Flecknoe English
Isabella supporting Nathalie Bienaime French
Gaoh supporting Hideyuki Umezu Japanese
Gaoh supporting Chris Hutchison English
Amon supporting Todd Waite English
Amon supporting Mario Scarabelli Italian
Amon supporting Katsuhisa Houki Japanese
Gion supporting Greg Ayres English
Gion supporting Yukihiro Misono Japanese
Gion supporting Jean-Marc Montalto French
Gihan supporting Makoto Yasumura Japanese
Gihan supporting Corey Hartzog English

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