Poster depicting Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon!
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Alternative titles
わがまま☆フェアリー ミルモでポン!
English: Mirmo Zibang!
2002-04-06 to 2005-09-27

Kaede is a cheerful and energetic eighth grader. When it comes to boys, however, she is hopelessly shy. One day, on her way home from school, Kaede walks into a mysterious shop and buys a colorful cocoa mug. When she reaches home, she casually peeks into the bottom of the mug and discovers an engraved note, which says, "If you read this message aloud while pouring hot cocoa into the mug, a love fairy ("muglox") will appear and grant your every wish." The skeptical but curious Kaede follows the directions and announces her wish to date Yuuki, the class heartthrob. Suddenly, the adorable blue Mirumo appears! We soon find out, however, that this cute little muglox would rather eat chocolate and create mischief than help Kaede. Mirumo, it seems, is prince of the muglox world. Horrified at the prospect of having to marry Rirumu, his princess bride-to-be, Mirumo has escaped the muglox world. Hot on his heels, however, are Rirumu, Yashichi the bounty hunter, and a cast of hundreds of muglox ranging from the good to the bad to the nutty. This gang of adorable troublemakers will see to it that school life for Kaede and her friends is never the same... (Source: mirmo-zibang)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Mirumo main Wendee Lee English
Mirumo main Ioanna Gkizas French
Mirumo main Etsuko Kozakura Japanese
Mirumo main Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Mirumo main Claudio Velázquez Spanish
Rirumu main Mayuko Omimura Japanese
Rirumu main Silvia Sarmentera Spanish
Rirumu main Mayra Arellano Spanish
Murumo main Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Murumo main Carolina Tak Spanish
Murumo main Jeong Hwa Yang Korean
Murumo main Isabel Romo Spanish
Yashichi main Akiko Suzuki Japanese
Yashichi main Blanca Rada Spanish
Yashichi main Manuel Campuzano Spanish
Yashichi main Fernanda Fernandes Portuguese
Azumi Hidaka main Hitomi Japanese
Azumi Hidaka main Maria Fernanda Morales Spanish
Azumi Hidaka main Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Azumi Hidaka main Flávia Saddy Portuguese
Azumi Hidaka main Alexandra Correa French
Kaoru Matsutake main Soichiro Hoshi Japanese
Kaoru Matsutake main Irwin Daayán Spanish
Kaoru Matsutake main Seok jeong Yang Korean
Kaede Minami main Mai Nakahara Japanese
Kaede Minami main Tabitha St. Germain English
Kaede Minami main Debora Magnaghi Italian
Kaede Minami main Priscila Amorim Portuguese
Kaede Minami main Do Yeong Song Korean
Kaede Minami main Circe Luna Spanish
Setsu Yuuki main Samuel Vincent English
Setsu Yuuki main Simone D'Andrea Italian
Setsu Yuuki main Yukitoshi Tokumoto Japanese
Setsu Yuuki main Yeong Seon Kim Korean
Setsu Yuuki main Christiano Torreão Portuguese
Setsu Yuuki main Dwayne Tan English
Warumo Gang supporting Kentaro Ito Japanese
Warumo Gang supporting Hitomi Japanese
Warumo Gang supporting Kazusa Murai Japanese
Jirou supporting Ikumi Sugiyama Japanese
Nezumi supporting Rikako Aikawa Japanese
Akumi supporting Chiemi Chiba Japanese
Gabin supporting Masako Jou Japanese
Anna supporting Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Anna supporting Chigusa Ikeda Japanese
Bike supporting Izumi Kikuchi Japanese
Peter supporting Kumiko Higa Japanese
Peter supporting Dwayne Tan English
Mambo supporting Keiko Nemoto Japanese
Ponta supporting Natsumi Yanase Japanese
Sazo supporting Dwayne Tan English
Hanzo supporting Noriko Shitaya Japanese
Marumo supporting Hiroshi Naka Japanese
Saria supporting Izumi Kikuchi Japanese
Saori Eguchi supporting Risa Hayamizu Japanese
Etsumi Kido supporting Kumiko Higa Japanese
Takumi Kiryuu supporting Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese
Haruka Morishita supporting Satsuki Yukino Japanese
Koichi Sumita supporting Hiroyuki Yoshino Japanese
Momo Umezono supporting Noriko Shitaya Japanese

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