Poster depicting Ojamajo Doremi
4155 ratings
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Alternative titles
English: Magical DoReMi
1999-02-07 to 2000-01-30

Doremi refers to herself as the "unluckiest bishoujo in the world". Her little sister that treats her like a child, her parents that fight almost every day and her crush is in love with another girl. Doremi aspires to become a witch, hoping that magic can solve all her problems. Doremi then finds a real witch, but after calling the witch out the witch is transformed into a green blob incapable of using magic. Blaming Doremi for the incident, the witch takes Doremi as an apprentice, hoping that despite Doremi's constant misuse of magic Doremi will become a witch someday. Doremi then recruits her two best friends as witch apprentices, and together they aim to pass the witch exams and become full fledged witches.

(Source: ANN)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Majorika main Nao Nagasawa Japanese
Majorika main Patrizia Scianca Italian
Majorika main Inez Günther German
Majorika main Rosa Vivas Spanish
Majorika main Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Hazuki Fujiwara main Tomoko Akiya Japanese
Hazuki Fujiwara main Christine Stichler German
Hazuki Fujiwara main Giovanna Papandrea Italian
Hazuki Fujiwara main Rebecca Soler English
Hazuki Fujiwara main Carolina Tak Spanish
Hazuki Fujiwara main Mayra Arellano Spanish
Doremi Harukaze main Chiemi Chiba Japanese
Doremi Harukaze main Marcella Silvestri Italian
Doremi Harukaze main Amy Palant English
Doremi Harukaze main Simone Brahmann German
Doremi Harukaze main Blanca Rada Spanish
Doremi Harukaze main Vanessa Acosta Spanish
Poppu Harukaze main Sawa Ishige Japanese
Poppu Harukaze main Sin Jeong Han Korean
Poppu Harukaze main Alondra Hidalgo Spanish
Aiko Senoo main Yuki Matsuoka Japanese
Aiko Senoo main Serena Clerici Italian
Aiko Senoo main Kether Donohue English
Aiko Senoo main Anke Kortemeier German
Aiko Senoo main Diana Torres Spanish
Aiko Senoo main Seon Yeong Park Korean
Dela supporting Chihiro Sakurai Japanese
Seki supporting Nanaho Katsuragi Japanese
Seki supporting Christina Rössler German
Queen of the Witch World supporting Yuka Imai Japanese
Queen of the Witch World supporting Daniela Arden German
Queen of the Witch World supporting Carol Jacobanis English
Mimi supporting Nicola Grupe German
Mimi supporting Yuuko Saitou Japanese
Lala supporting Elisabetta Spinelli Italian
Lala supporting Melanie Jung German
Lala supporting Megumi Takamura Japanese
Lala supporting Irma Carmona Spanish
Hehe supporting Hiroko Konishi Japanese
Hehe supporting Julia Haacke German
Hehe supporting Gaby Willer Spanish
Majoruka supporting Mayumi Shou Japanese
Dodo supporting Yuka Tokumitsu Japanese
Dodo supporting Blanca Rada Spanish
Rere supporting Jun Mizuki Japanese
Roro supporting Rumi Shishido Japanese
Yuki supporting Yuka Imai Japanese
Kota Amano supporting Tomo Saeki Japanese
Haruka Harukaze supporting Yuka Shino Japanese
Takao Kimura supporting Michiru Yamazaki Japanese
Marina Koizumi supporting Oma Ichimura Japanese
Tetsuya Kotake supporting Hyosei Japanese
Tetsuya Kotake supporting Seo Yeong Kim Korean
Mota Mota supporting Christina Rössler German
Mota Mota supporting Ute Kilian German
Naomi Okuyama supporting Miwa Matsumoto Japanese
Alexander T. Oyajide supporting Florian Halm German
Alexander T. Oyajide supporting Ginzou Matsuo Japanese
Alexander T. Oyajide supporting Ricardo Mendoza Spanish
Onpu Segawa supporting Rumi Shishido Japanese
Onpu Segawa supporting Emanuela Pacotto Italian
Onpu Segawa supporting Odile Schmitt French
Onpu Segawa supporting Sonja Reichelt German
Onpu Segawa supporting Gaby Ugarte Spanish
Onpu Segawa supporting Ui Jin Chae Korean
Miho Segawa supporting Mari Adachi Japanese
Atsuko Senoo supporting Tomoko Hiratsuji Japanese
Reika Tamaki supporting Ai Nagano Japanese
Reika Tamaki supporting Rosa Vivas Spanish
Shota Taniyama supporting Miwa Matsumoto Japanese
Masaru Yada supporting Nami Miyahara Japanese
Masaru Yada supporting Uraz Huerta Spanish
Masaru Yada supporting Patrizia Mottola Italian
Nobuko Yokokawa supporting Kyoko Donowaki Japanese
Nobuko Yokokawa supporting Amanda Brown English

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