Poster depicting Pita Ten
2815 ratings
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Alternative titles
English: Clinging Angel
2002-04-07 to 2002-09-29

Kotaro was pretty much supposed to be your average boy, worried about the pressures of education while enjoying a simple life with his friends. Much to his despair, he one day finds the overly cheerful Misha at his door, asking to be friends out of nowhere. Even more shocking is that Misha is an apprentice angel, yet she does more bad then good. Along with Kotaro's school friends Takashi and Koboshi and the so called devil Shia (once again being able to do more good then bad), the group of friends spend their days getting into all sorts of adventures and troubles. Based on the manga by Koge-Donbo.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Misha main Yukari Tamura Japanese
Misha main Daniela Piquet Portuguese
Misha main Mi Sook Jeong Korean
Misha main Yensi Rivero Spanish
Shia main Yukana Japanese
Shia main Melissa Garcia Portuguese
Shia main Ji Yeong Lee Korean
Kotarou Higuchi main Miyuki Sawashiro Japanese
Kotarou Higuchi main Jhonny Torres Spanish
Kotarou Higuchi main Seon Lee Korean
Koboshi Uematsu main Rie Kugimiya Japanese
Koboshi Uematsu main Rita Almeida Portuguese
Koboshi Uematsu main Min Jeong Yeo Korean
Nya supporting Yumi Touma Japanese
Nya supporting Chae Eon Han Korean
Sasha supporting Akemi Okamura Japanese
Sasha supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Sasha supporting Rebeca Aponte Spanish
Takashi Ayanokouji supporting Mitsuki Saiga Japanese
Takashi Ayanokouji supporting Gyeng Su Hyeon Korean
Shino Higuchi supporting Yong Sin Lee Korean
Shino Higuchi supporting Taeko Kawata Japanese
Hiroshi Mitarai supporting Motoko Kumai Japanese
Hiroshi Mitarai supporting Myeong seon Lee Korean
Kaoru Mitarai supporting Sakura Nogawa Japanese
Kaoru Mitarai supporting Fernanda Bulara Portuguese
Kaoru Mitarai supporting Chae Eon Han Korean

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