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Kurama's personal secretary who seems to space out at work often and is often quite clumsy. She is killed by Lucy at the start of the story when she, completely oblivious of what is going on, trips in front of the rampaging Lucy, who tears off her head and uses the body to shield herself from the security team's gunfire.

In the manga, Kisaragi came across Lucy while walking down the hall. Noticing that she was covered in blood, Kisaragi approached her. Lucy used this opportunity to take her hostage. Since Kurama's men were unable to get a clear shot of Lucy, Kurama told Kisaragi they had to sacrifice her. Kisaragi did not seem upset after hearing this, instead saying she was happy to give her life if it meant she was helping. Kurama assured her that her death would not be meaningless, but before Kurama could tell his men to shoot, Lucy tore off Kisaragi's head. After using Kisaragi's decapitated body as a shield and killing the men, Lucy told Kurama that Kisaragi's death was meaningless, and left laughing.

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