Poster depicting Shichisei no Subaru

Alternative titles

Seven Senses of the Re'Union
Seven Senses of the Re'Union


Aired 2018-07-06 to 2018-09-21
Episodes 12

Asahi's life in reality ended simultaneously when she died playing Union, a world-renowned online RPG. The members of Subaru went separate ways when Union shut down due to Asahi's death. Six years later, Haruto logs onto a renewed version of Re'Union and reunites with Asahi who had died. Is it really her or just an electronic ghost? The former team members reunite and enter the mysterious and deadly online game to find out. (Source: TBS Global Business)

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Voice Actors & Characters

Satsuki Usui main Akari Kitou Japanese
Haruto Amou main Kengo Takanashi Japanese
Asahi Kuga main Nichika Oomori Japanese
Elicia supporting Chika Anzai Japanese
Clive Vivali supporting Takuma Terashima Japanese
Takanori Mikado supporting Kaito Ishikawa Japanese
Nozomi Kusaka supporting Yumiri Hanamori Japanese
Haruna Amou supporting Hikaru Akao Japanese

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