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Alternative titles

Non Non Biyori OVA
のんのんびより 沖縄へ行くことになった
のんのんびより 沖縄へ行くことになった


Aired 2014-07-23 to 2014-07-23
Episodes 1

An OVA bundled with the 7th manga volume.

Suguru Koshigaya, the brother of Komari and Natsumi, wins the grand prize in a lottery draw. The prize appears to be a ticket for four to Okinawa. As the girls are nervous for their trip, they prepare for their journey.

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Voice Actors & Characters

Hotaru Ichijou main Rie Murakawa Japanese
Natsumi Koshigaya main Ayane Sakura Japanese
Komari Koshigaya main Kana Asumi Japanese
Renge Miyauchi main Kotori Koiwai Japanese
Kaede Kagayama supporting Rina Satou Japanese
Kazuho Miyauchi supporting Kaori Nazuka Japanese

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